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Entrepreneurship program internationally experienced  

Entrepreneurship would be one of the key elements to innovate a country with full of challenge and creation toward the future.  George Kim, director of Asian Square, has directed the GET (Global Entrepreneurship Training) program cooperated with UNDP and UNESCO in eleven countries including as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Mongolia.  Asian Square with such knowhow will provide the innovative entrepreneurship programs. 

The program is to help the current and future global leaders, especially those in both the public sectors and the private sectors.  Furthermore, the program will help people to obtain entrepreneurship mindset and relevant knowledge so that they can improve their current works, create new businesses, or innovate their community.  The main purpose of the program is to let the participants plant motivation, creativity, and design thinking in their minds so that they can change their community via business, technology, and law built on honesty and integrity.  It consists of the following trai





Recent Lecture Experiences


















Identity & Self Leadership 

Law and Business Contract 

Start-up with Public Data 

Design Thinking 


POSCO International, Innovation & Creativity for global employees  

POSCO E&C, Global Business Contract for managers 

LG Chemical, ISO management 

Pohang office of education, Design Thinking for teachers 

Pohang City, Entrepreneurship for expected start-up companies  

Pohang University, Entrepreneurship for youth ceo

LG Electronics Institute, Technology Contract   

POSCO Group University, Self Leadership for global employees 

Korea National Diplomatic Academy, International Contract 

Hyundai Rotem, Global Business Documents 

Future Technology 

ISO & Global Standard                   

Ethics & Social Responsibility 

Global Citizen 

Gyeongbuk Farmers Academy, Entrepreneurship 

Keimyung University, Entrepreneurship  


Univera, Entrepreneurship for the future franchisees 


Cooperative MOU with Graduate School of Entrepreneurship, Keimyung University 

세계화 개념

[GET Program directed by Dr. George Kim]                    

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