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Innovative Education

Innovative Education   

Asian Square is committed to increasing the innovation of education through rigorous research, evaluation,  and technical assistance.  Our works focus on a wide range of topics, including STEM, social and humanistic learning, and national education.  Furthermore, Asian Square aims to prepare the next generation of leaders to find solutions to the problems of the future, to innovate the future. 


































         Research Experiences by SEAD 

To achieve the goal, Asian Square invited SEAD Institute as subsidiary.  SEAD Institute was founded in 2015.  SEAD Institute performs research, education, and advocacy to promote social and educational development locally and internationally. We strive to help develop solid and sound policies relying on scientific and evidence-based research methodologies.

  • Capacity Development for ICT in Education Project in Rwanda, funded by KOICA (2019-)

  • M&E and Consultant for Capacity Building. Academy of Public Administration Capacity Building for Public Sector Innovation in Uzbekistan, funded by KOICA (2018-)

  • Capacity Building and Consultant for M&E. Strengthening e-Learning Capacity of El Salvador's Higher Education, funded by KOICA (2018-)

  • Educational Planning and M&E consultant, Educational Planning and Capacity Building. Feasibility Study for Establishment of the University of Environment and Sustainable Development in Ghana, funded by Export-Import Bank of Korea, (2017-2018) 

  • Project Management Consulting and e-Learning Program Development for Rwanda Management Institute, funded by KOICA (2017)

  • M&E. Inclusive Rural Development Project in Nawalparasi, Nepal, funded by KOICA, (2016)

  • M&E. Post-completion Evaluation on "Asuncion Traffic Control System" Project, funded by KOICA (2016)

  • M&E. Ex-post Evaluation on "The Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) Automation in Azerbaijan" Project, funded by KOICA (2016)

  • 2015 KSP for Kyrgyzstan: National ODA Monitoring and Evaluation Policy Consultation

  • ASEAN Cyber University Comprehensive Evaluation and Performance Improvement Project

  • Development of Risk Management Policy and Guidelines for the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)

  • Impact Evaluation of Sri Lanka Road Project

  • Policy Review and Program Evaluation of Korea-UNDP Triangular Cooperation Program

  • Program Evaluation for Policy Consultation Program of KSP (Knowledge Sharing Program)

  • Development of "National Competency Standards (NCS)" for International Business Management

  • Development and Renovation of National University of Rwanda

  • Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning for Mongolia International University

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