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Unification Sketch

Campaign, "Unification Sketch"  


The talk concert, "Unification Sketch" was planned with Min Ho Kim and Min Ho Ma, Professor of CIAS, Handong Global University in 2012. Even if it was  firstly held in Pohang city, the founders made their efforts to tour various cities, campuses, and churches (3C strategies) to expand their campaign. Furthermore, Professor Min Ho Ma founded the Handong Academy of National Unification in 2014 to train the young leaders to pursue the following purposes:   







[Singers and Entertainers who supported 2012 Unification Sketch] 









Collaborative Steps in 2020 

By support of UNIKOREA Foundation, Hadong CIAS has produced many promotional masterpieces such as animation, books, and sand arts.  In 2020, Handong CIAS, Green Tree Charity, and Asian made the contract to host the "Unification Sketch" together.  Such decision will bring the new stage for the talk concert, Unification Sketch. 






Awakening the people who recognize the upcoming season of Korean unification

Training the people to seek specific and creative preparation for Korean unification  

Approaching the issues in relation to the Korean unification beyond biased ideologies 

Networking the global society who will support the Korean unification 

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