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Innovative Community

Innovative Community  

One of the goals of Asia Square is to develop fresh, innovative approaches for a range of issues, whether related to urban regeneration, community security, regional environment, and even social communication.  Through community communication, events, and engagement with a range of community networks, Asian Square ensure the new ideas and insights to reach the public sphere and impact policy debate.  Community-engaged research and public data analytics to build more equitable and innovative regions. 





Members' Research and Activity 




shelter for soul.jpg

70 years history of Pohang to regenerate the city after severe earthquake 

Presentation at the Provincial IP Network to use public data for community 

Support the International Design and Installation Competition, Shelter for Soul

to heal the community  


Visit of Gosung to interview people and 

regenerate the city after severe earthquake

Visit of Haiti to regenerate

the city after severe earthquake

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