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     Innovation Impact

Asian Innovation led by Korea  

Asian Square believes that the prelude of the Asian Era has begun.  In the nineteenth century, the world was Europeanized.  In the twentieth century, it was Americanized.  What about twenty first century?  It is the time to realize the Asianized Era because it is expected to generate more than 50% of world GDP by 2040.   

Specifically speaking, since the first phase of Asian Era was already arose in the late 1980s by the power of East Asia (China, Japan, and Korea), Asian Square focuses on the second phase to be led by both East Asia and ASEAN (South Asia).  Furthermore, Asian Square believes that Korea, with its know how of rapid economic growth, would be the best country to support the ASEAN innovation.  




[Invited by government authorities and global companies 

to deliver lectures on the subject of innovation]   

Innovation Lab    

Since the new millennium began, the world is changing rapidly.  The world is getting familiar with the newly introduced technologies and systems such as AI, Unified Communication, and Smart City.  While people experiences advanced convenience, the world also faces painful darkness such loneliness, loss of humanity, infectious disease, and natural disaster.  Therefore, Asian Square carries on a campaign for creative Innovation to resolve such problems and promote human dignity.  The campaign includes forum (Innovation Lab), lecture, and knowledge based activities.  In Asian Living Lab, Asians get together to discuss about future innovation needed in their regions on line.  Furthermore, to research high technologies and contribute to the Asian community, Asian Square established the subsidiary, DaRee Technology, Ltd.           

[DaRee Technology, Asian Square subsidiary] 

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