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    Innovative IT & Tech

Innovation policy for high technology  


Asian Square has researched government policies in relation to high technology to contribute to Asian innovation.   Asian Square focuses on the innovated technologies and government regulations to inform policymakers by cooperating with relevant corporations and organizations.  Our mission is to advance knowledge by sponsoring educational programs and forums on major issues affecting information technology and relevant policy.  

In 2020, Asian Square established its subsidiary, Daree Technology to develop IT and technology solutions to advance Asian innovation.  Furthermore, Asian Square is affiliated with the IDTC (Lab of Intelligent Device & Thermal Control System) at Inha University. 

Areas of Members' Research  









DaRee/IDTC Technology Laboratory 


Dr. Joo Hyung Kim's interview with KBS

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Dr. George Kim's interview with CNN

Future technology policy for human dignity and social community  

Digital security policy as national interests  

Customized and nationalized technology for Korea and Asia 

Standardized technology with ISO 

Technology converged with humanity 

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