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책 공개 시험



Predecessor of Asian Square

- Co-established the Asian Development Cooperation (predecessor of Asian Square) in Pohang, Korea

- For Asian countries, planned various development projects and visited Kazakhstan, India, Vietnam, and China.  

- Participated in research projects in relation to Asian human rights for Amnesty International and the US federal government. 

- By invitation of BaMI, visited the United Nations and Haiti President's office to provide the Haiti National Development Plans   

- Planned for the USCIRF (US federal government) to invited its commissioners to Korea.  


While the USCIRF Commissioners visited Korea, Asian Development Cooperation assisted them to meet the US Ambassador to Korea, National Assembly Members, Gyeonggi-do governor, Catholic Cardinal, and CCC President. 


Bridge Period

to establish Asian Square  

- With Handong Global University (CIAS), co-founded the Unification Sketch, political talk-show for Korean unification.

- Visited the Israel Knesset to meet its members and Deputy Prime Minister for political and religious cooperation.  

- Provided bilateral/multilateral negotiation and international conference programs to Korean government. 

- Invited by the Korean government and participated as conference panel in relation to Korea-China FTA and Eurasia Initiative project.  

- Invited as speaker to Germany for the conference of Korean unification.  


Asian Square members are invited as panels or speakers to various political and Christian meetings in relation to contemporary issues such as Korean unification, free trade treaties in Asia, and Asian developments.  


Establishment of Asian Square 

- Registered Asian Square in Korea in 2017.  

- Supported the Shelter for Soul Campaign, international campaign planned by the BaMI, partner of Asian Square.  

- Provided the Korean government global negotiation programs in relation to Free Trade, environment protection, and  environmental negotiations.  

- Opened the US liaison office in Virginia 


In 2017, the branch of Asian Square was established in Seoul. In 2020, Asian Square plans to open its headquarter in Virginia to pursue its goal in the US and Asia.  


Holdings as Asian Square    

- Opened the office in Songdo  

- Established DaRee Technology 

- Contracted to absorb SEAD Institute as subsidiary    

- Opened the office in Pohang  

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